What’s Happening at Luvin Arms in March?

March is here, ushering in hints of springtime: when the crocuses begin blooming, the days become longer, and our animal residents yearn for more playtime in the sunshine.

From Events to Sanctuary Spotlights, learn all about what’s going on at Luvin Arms this month by clicking through the images and links below. (Don’t forget to check back here for updates!)


Cricket the rescued chicken is our featured resident in March. Read her inspiring story, watch her video, and learn how you can support her through the vital gift of sponsorship.


  • Exploring
  • Hanging with her rescued chicken friends, Po & Mushu
  • The sunshine


Our beloved Arya had mastectomy surgery at the end of February to remove a precocious udder, caused by the buildup of fluid in the mammary gland.

Thanks to her generous donors, we raised $5,600 to go towards Arya’s urgent surgery and specialized aftercare at CSU.

Her medical procedure went well, and today she is happily back home with her goat family.

Here’s an image of her enjoying sweet treats at CSU while recovering post-surgery.

Our beloved Rose made her peaceful transition on March 6th. Please read her story, and share your Rose stories with us in the comments section.


Our regular tour season begins on March 4th! Join us for a Connecting Community with Compassion tour. Hear all about our animal residents’ inspiring stories, participate in clicker play demonstrations, and learn some easy compassionate choices you can put into practice right away.

Sign up for a tour today!

Mark Your Calendar: Spring Fest is scheduled for April 15th! Plan to spend the whole day with us supporting local businesses, listening to live music, and visiting with our precious animal residents.

You don’t want to miss this fun community event next month.


This month we are spotlighting our partnership with Stephanie Baudhuin of Crummies.

Crummies provides vegan and gluten-free food in Northern Colorado. You can find their Meatless Crumble and Tamales at a Denver-Metro grocery store or farmers market near you. You can also order online for front porch delivery. Check out Crummies!

And find more information HERE if you’re interested in becoming a partner too.

How are you involved with Luvin Arms?

I met a representative from Luvin Arms at a plant-based networking event in Denver last year. We had a great conversation, and I couldn’t wait to come to the Sanctuary myself and meet the residents. It wasn’t long after that I made my way to Luvin Arms, and got to tour the entire facility. I’ll never forget the way I felt being around all the amazing volunteers and residents alike. I cannot recall a time that I have been so at ease and peaceful as turkeys nuzzled my neck and goats jumped on their platforms all around me.

What attracted you the most to Luvin Arms?

I would have to say the biggest takeaway from that first visit to the Sanctuary was the amazing work that the Luvin Arms team is doing and committed to day-to-day. Whether it be spreading the word about their practices, rescuing and outreach for new and existing residents, and the welcoming atmosphere for anyone, from all walks of life.

What is your favorite memory with a resident?

Milo is my buddy and my favorite, although all the residents have stolen my heart. I decided to sponsor a cow at Luvin Arms shortly after that first visit. My business began with a plant-based alternative to ground meat, and it seemed like an important step in my personal and business journey. I came to the Sanctuary to meet all the cows again, and choose who to sponsor. I interacted with all of them that were up to it: Tito, Domino, Laxmi, Lucky. And there was Milo laying alone in the sun, just chilling. I sat next to him in the mud and straw, and just put my hand on his big ole belly. He let out the loudest and most impressive fart I believe I had ever heard in my life. I can’t lie… this was the moment I decided that I would sponsor Milo, and have never regretted my choice.

Anything else you would like to say?

I’m so thankful for Luvin Arms and our relationship thus far. I’m looking forward to continuing to spread the word about places like Luvin Arms, and the important care they provide all across Colorado. Whether you are starting your plant-based involvement or have been doing it for a lifetime, please keep your hearts and minds open to new and wonderful avenues to help and support change.


Volunteers are the backbone of Luvin Arms. Visit HERE to learn how you can become a volunteer, and join our Luvin Arms family today!

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