Rescued Cow

Tito Loves:

  • Getting scratched behind his ears
  • Practicing his soccer skills with his ball

Tito’s Story:

Tito arrived at Luvin Arms at just 10 days old in the spring of 2017. Tito was a “leftover” calf from what we believe was a veal transport truck. It is common practice for farmers to send extra calves to slaughterhouses because a percentage of calves do not make it through transport. The truck driver had a moment of compassion when he saw Tito and two other sickly male calves on his truck. He contacted various sanctuaries to see if anyone could take them in. Tito came to us in very poor health. His first week as a new resident at Luvin Arms was spent at CSU veterinary hospital. Now healthy, Tito roams the pastures with his cow friends and loves cuddling with people. Because Tito was raised by people, he’s like a giant puppy. He loves to play and be frisky!

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