Marley Rose


Marley Rose Loves:

  • Her BFF Samantha
  • Hanging with her cow friends
  • Frolicking in the pasture

Marley Rose’s Story:

Marley Rose was rescued from a dairy farm in Wisconsin. She and her twin brother Maverick were born extremely weak and were going to be discarded. Thankfully, they were rescued by another sanctuary and immediately brought to the vet where they received urgent medical attention. Marley Rose was doing poorly at first, but soon recovered. Unfortunately, Maverick’s health declined and after spending a few weeks at the vet, he sadly passed away. Marley Rose came home to Luvin Arms in August of 2020 at only seven weeks old. We kept her company every night and day so that she would never feel alone.

Today, Marley Rose spends her days having fun with her best friend Samantha and her whole herd of cow friends. Her sweet, curious, and playful personality shines bright as she lives out all her days safe and sound at Luvin Arms.

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