Field Trips

A Field Trip To Luvin Arms

Are you a teacher, scout leader, or parent looking for a fun, hands-on educational opportunity for students of all ages? Book an in-person field trip to Luvin Arms! Field trips consist of a tour of the sanctuary and a humane education lesson and last about 3 hours. A field trip to Luvin Arms aligns perfectly with Comprehensive Health learning in Colorado Core Curriculum. Please get in touch to talk about your group’s needs and plan your visit!

Virtual Field Trips

Not able to make the trip to the sanctuary? Luvin Arms is offering free virtual field trips where students can virtually meet and learn about our rescued animal residents. Virtual field trips run 30-45 minutes in length. Groups can select 1-3 individual animal residents and their species to meet, hear rescue stories from, and learn about.

Educational Themes On Field Trips Include

Social Emotional

Character Education/Development



The 4-C’s
Connect, Care, Compassion, Community


Research Shows that kids who learn kindness to animals will likely expand that kindness to their peers and others as they grow up. Practicing empathy for animals can be a great way to help combat problems like bullying in schools.

Join arms with us to create a future world of kind human beings by scheduling a field trip to Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary where the animals, human and nonhuman, inspire us all to be our best selves, We believe the greatest thing we can teach our children is compassion.

For Our Field Trips

In Person:

  • Last approximately 3 hours
  • Visits each of our 11 species
  • Learn about Animal Care, Behavior, and Rescue Stories
  • A Humane Education Lesson

Virtual Field Trip:

  • 30-45 minutes in length
  • Select 1-3 animal residents to visit
  • Learn about Animal Care, Behavior, and Rescue Stories

Ties to Comprehensive Health and Essential Skills in Colorado Core Curriculum:

  • Social and Emotional Wellness – Helps develop care and concern for others. Encourages making ethical and safe choices
  • Essential Skills – Personal Skills including self awareness, personal responsibility, and perseverance/resilience.
  • Essential Skills – Civic/Interpersonal skills including Global/cultural awareness, civic engagement, and character.


Planning on having lunch at Luvin Arms during your field trip? Our animal residents ask that you support our mission and pack your kiddo a plant-based lunch! Turn lunchtime into a plant-powered fiesta! Packing a vegan lunch is not just a meal; it’s a thrilling adventure of colors, flavors, and eco-friendly vibes! Need ideas? We’d love to help! Please reach out for a great list of kid-approved plant based lunches!

Something Different?

We understand that each group may have a different set of needs or accommodations. We are happy to tailor your field trip to the needs of your group. Whether it’s adjusting the length of time, the amount of walking, or the content of your tour. We are here to help your group have an amazing experience!

Just let us know how we can best support your curriculum. 

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