Meaningful Work

Together, We Can Inspire a More Compassionate World for Farm Animals.

We are working to build a nationally recognized animal sanctuary, outreach and education center to inspire a more compassionate world for farm animals.

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary invites you to join us! We are humbled to have you as a short or long term volunteer. Let’s work together to connect our community through compassion.

Kind of Work Will I Be Doing?

Animal care shifts include cleaning resident living areas, replenishing feed and water, helping to keep other areas of the sanctuary clean and organized, and giving the animals some love and attention. Each task directly contributes to the absolute best quality of care for our residents!

Prior experience caring for farmed animals is helpful, but not necessary to get involved! Our staff and volunteer guides will teach you everything you need to know to care for our residents

Started Volunteering

To become an Animal Care volunteer at Luvin Arms, you must attend Training Shifts which are available on the My Impact Opportunities page which will be accessible when the volunteer application is completed. Training Shifts are hands-on shifts where limited numbers of new volunteers learn safety protocols, policies and procedures, and are shown animal care procedures by our Care Team Lead. They are very much like regular Animal Care shifts, but with an experienced staff member by your side.

To Expect

At Luvin Arms, each animal care shift is led by at least one experienced staff member. Staff members are responsible for everything that happens during a shift. They give direction to the volunteers working with them, and share timely and important animal care updates as needed. Animal care staff members are there to make sure that our volunteers and residents are safe, happy, and supported.

What do I wear?

Closed-toe, sturdy shoes are required at all times for animal care volunteers, and for all other visitors and volunteers at Luvin Arms. We highly recommend that you wear long pants during your care shift, and dress comfortably for the weather.

What do I bring?

Please bring anything else with you that will make you comfortable: water bottle, work gloves, hats, sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, dust masks, snacks (plant-based only, please), etc.

Still have questions? Check our FAQ or contact us.

From A Volunteer

BEWARE: If you volunteer here, you will become addicted! I’ve been here for about five months now, and I had no experience with animal husbandry prior. Extreme caution is advised before volunteering, lest you fall head over heels for these animals like I have. My favorite thing to do is brush and pet the goats, as the staff encourages you to hang out with the animals as long as you’d like after care duties are completed. I have become bonded to these goats, and I begin missing them as soon as I drive away each week. Another unexpected element: I didn’t anticipate enjoying the people so much. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the staff and my fellow volunteers. Disney World is called the “happiest place on earth” only by those who have never visited Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary.

(From a recent Google review.)

To Get Your Group Engaged?

A group service day is where your group, or organization, comes out to help out with work around the sanctuary. This is a unique way to engage your group with a service that will make a lasting memory.

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