Lucky Loves:

  • Smooches from Samantha!
  • Being groomed by Domino, Tito and Milo
  • Playing king of the mountain on the sand pile

Lucky’s Story

Lucky is one of our rescued cows. His mother was raised for slaughter on a ranch in Arizona. With her unborn calf still inside her womb, she was attacked and killed by wolves. Miraculously, her calf was pulled from her and survived. This baby boy was born “Lucky.” After the death of his mother, Lucky was bottle-fed and raised upon the insistence of children in the family. As a baby, Lucky had goats and dogs as his friends during the 1st year of his life.

As Lucky grew more towards slaughter size, he was placed completely alone on a property in Lyons, CO, and was destined for the dining table in November 2021.
Luckily, his pasture was adjacent to a popular walking path, and he soon garnered the attention of many humans passing by. Like a dog, Lucky would run the length of the fence, approaching the barricade, and begging for affection and attention. He was beyond lonely. People began to flock to the walking path just to visit Lucky; they would stay with him for hours–offering him love, nose scratches, and hugs. Soon, everyone was so attached to this sweet boy, they began to dread his slaughter date.
The community came together to save Lucky’s life and brought him to Luvin Arms.

Lucky’s craving for companionship saved him. Due to a previous diet of grain and molasses designed to fatten him for slaughter, Lucky has difficult digestion issues.
His digestive system is fragile. His stomach is recovering from bloat, he periodically experiences intense stomach pains, and cannot absorb nutrients properly

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