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Maybell, a gentle soul, was thrust into the heart-wrenching position of leading her herd to their final destination for consumption practices. While she wore a symbolic bell around her neck, her heavy heart carried the emotional weight of the fate that awaited her herd and her position came with profound emotional hardship. She keenly sensed the fear, stress, and despair among her herd, witnessing the disconnection from their natural instincts and right to life, until her rescue.

Upon her arrival to our sanctuary, Maybell was embraced with open arms. Our Caregivers understood her emotional wounds and worked tirelessly to help her heal. We are relieved to provide Maybell with a nurturing environment, free from stress, where she can rediscover her true essence and regain her sense of purpose.

She can’t wait to give you kisses and love when you’re next at the sanctuary.

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