Rescued Goat

Arya Loves:

  • Climbing on her igloo
  • Speaking her mind
  • Hanging out with her goat family

Arya’s Story:

Arya and Sebastian, both Nigerian Dwarf goats, were intended to be used for a backyard dairy operation. When the owner had to move and couldn’t take the two goats with her, she contacted Luvin Arms. Arya and Sebastian came to live safe and sound at Luvin Arms in 2015.

When Sebastian sadly passed away in 2021, Arya grieved the loss of her dearest friend – it was a tough adjustment for her. That same year, two young male Nigerian Dwarf goats named Lenny and Bonzo came to call Luvin Arms their forever home, and the three quickly bonded.

Arya is now happily one of the matriarchs of her growing goat family.

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