Rescued Goat

Arya Loves:

  • Climbing on her igloo
  • Speaking her mind
  • Hanging out with Sebastian

Arya’s Story:

Arya, along with Sebastian, was intended to be used for a backyard dairy operation. When the owner had to move and couldn’t take the two goats with her, she contacted Luvin Arms. We gave Arya and Sebastian forever homes. Sadly, Sebastian recently passed away which has been a tough adjustment for sweet Arya. She has been getting a lot of extra attention from the Luvin Arms team and visitors, and we look forward to eventually introducing her to our newest resident goats, Lenny and Banzo. Lenny and Banzo just arrived and are settling in before meeting other residents but we’re hopeful they’ll bond with Arya quickly. Arya is our smallest goat, but she sure is adventurous! She can typically be found eating a snack of hay on top of one of the structures in her living area and then playfully jumping off once the hay is all gone.

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