What’s Happening at Luvin Arms in January?

From Events to Sanctuary Spotlights, learn all about what’s going on at Luvin Arms this month by clicking through the images and links below. (Don’t forget to check back here for updates!)


Maggie the rescued duck is our featured resident in January. Read her inspiring story, and learn how you can support her through the crucial gift of sponsorship. Don’t miss her video HERE!

**Floating in the baby pool
**Her BFF, Luna the duck


In Honor of Those We Lost

With heavy hearts, we said our final goodbyes to Charlie and Domino since our last update in December. Please read their inspiring stories, and feel free to share your sweet memories in the comments section.

End-of-Year Campaign

Year 2022 ended on quite the high note!

Thanks to the generosity and response from our amazing community, we far exceeded our end-of-year campaign goal and raised just over $98,000, which will help our precious elderly residents stay healthy and warm this winter!

We are beyond grateful for each and every one of you!


The 2023 Luvin Arms Calendar

Have you purchased your 2023 Luvin Arms Calendar yet?

The calendar is filled with heart-warming photos of the beloved animal residents who call Luvin Arms their forever safe home.

Snag one HERE while supplies last.

Auctioned Portrait of Cheerio

Go HERE to bid on an image of Cheerio the rescued lamb, and enter the chance to hang a professional photo of his sweet face in your home. Proceeds benefit Luvin Arms. The auction closes on January 31st. Compliments of Luvin Arms Photographer, Lauren Jackson, and Erie-based Cristos Coffee.

Visit Cristos Coffee during the month of January, and check out Lauren’s entire photography show featuring the lovable animal residents of Luvin Arms. Purchase a beautiful image of a resident or pick up a limited edition bag of The Bean Boys coffee blend. The art show ends January 31st.


There is something for everyone in January to start off your new year right:

  • Participate in our “New Year-New You” cooking demo with Chef Donna Marino and Cathy Schmelter, RDN
  • Sign up for a plant-based mentor

Check out our entire event calendar HERE!


Read all about one of Luvin Arms’ amazing sponsors, Brian Martin.

Why do you sponsor residents at Luvin Arms? I started out sponsoring one, then recently was able to extend that support by sponsoring a variety of animals. I’d love a small farm, but simply can’t do it. So I tend to support those (organizations) who can, where I can visit and enjoy and see animals doing great. They are a form of therapy and relief for some of us that work crazy schedules and intense jobs. So for now, I get to know that Kenai, Arya, Dali, Oolong, Laxmi, Koda, and Jaclyn are all living the best life possible, and that brings a dose of happy to my life.

Have you learned anything about the residents that surprised you? Every animal is different, from personality to their back story. While there is no surprise, there is almost always an amazing adventure they went through to find happiness at the end. That is what makes me happy.

Do you have a favorite or one that you relate to most? No way to say I have a favorite. Based on my one trip out, I know that Arya is epic and Laxmi is happy.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Find more information about this lifesaving program HERE.


It’s a new year – time for a new plant-based diet! YAYE Organics is a Colorado-based health + wellness company built on the belief that food is medicine.

Through their mission to make clean, plant-based eating more approachable and convenient to Coloradans, YAYE delivers weekly ready-to-eat meals, snacks, desserts and more, so you can always keep your fridge stocked with fresh, organic, plant-based foods.

Check out our amazing partner HERE, and sign up for your first meal delivery!

Go HERE to find out how you can become a Luvin Arms Partner too.


Donna Marino is one of Luvin Arms long-term volunteers. Read her story here.

How long have you been with Luvin Arms? I started volunteering at the Lafayette location when the Sanctuary was first formed

What do you do at Luvin Arms? For years I’ve done AM care once a week, but had to take a break this summer when I got injured. I am slowly getting get back to it though. I also teach a monthly cooking class at the Sanctuary. For a few years, I also worked as a tour guide.

What is a favorite memory of a resident? Meeting Lily and Lizzie for the first time and hearing their story. In spite of all they’d been through, they were the sweetest souls.

What do you love the most about Luvin Arms? I love how much everyone cares about the residents and puts their well-being above everything else. And I love being able to hang out with people who share the same values I do about animals.

Anything else you would like to say? I feel very lucky to be able to spend time with the wonderful residents. Being around them makes me feel at peace.

Interested in getting involved with Luvin Arms? Find more information HERE!


Read the latest blog entry HERE of Tales from the Barn about a day in the life of new Luvin Arms volunteer, Brian.

Would you like to volunteer with Luvin Arms? Please navigate HERE to learn more, and join our Luvin Arms family today!

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