Rescued Sheep

Jaclyn Loves:

  • Playing with her siblings
  • Riling up Jared
  • Getting scratches behind her ears

Jaclyn’s Story:

Jaclyn was born the day after her mother, Maxine, was rescued from horrific conditions at a dairy sheep farm in California. Her mom was so malnourished that you could see her hip and rib bones. If she would’ve given birth before getting rescued, Jaclyn and her siblings Jared and Lexine probably wouldn’t have survived. If they survived, they would’ve been taken away from their mothers almost immediately so she could get pregnant again – a cycle all too common on factory farms. Luckily, they made it to Luvin Arms, where the family can live together at their forever home. Jaclyn, the black sheep in the family, always stands out as a sweet and curious girl. She’s excited to meet visitors and loves getting scratches on the top of her head.

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