• Treats and licking the salt block
  • To sleep in the middle of the sheep stall 
  • Being best friends with Finn, Teddy, and Jared 


Cheerio, the baby lamb, was born at a research facility in Fort Collins. Unknown to the researchers, his mother was pregnant with twins, and unexpectedly went into labor the night she arrived at the facility. Her labor was extremely difficult, and Cheerio became stuck in the birth canal for an undetermined amount of time. When staff found him, his face was so swollen that he couldn’t drink his mother’s milk for an entire day. The labor had lasted so long that Cheerio’s muscles seized up and he couldn’t walk properly for over a week. Cheerio’s twin unfortunately drowned in utero. The mother had to have an emergency c-section to remove the second baby.

The research facility had no use for baby lambs. They would have sent Cheerio to slaughter if someone hadn’t offered to take him home. Cheerio lived with this compassionate soul as an indoor pet until she couldn’t keep him any longer. Luvin Arms accepted Cheerio into our family at four weeks of age. While in quarantine when he first arrived at Luvin Arms, Cheerio and Buddha the dog bonded and loved to take long walks and naps together. Today, Cheerio enjoys hanging out with his large flock, and splits his time between the sheep families. 

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