• Kenai, the chicken
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Koda came to Luvin Arms in June of 2022 with Kenai the chicken. A volunteer had been made aware of a cardboard box containing a young chick and duck found at a park. The abandoned pair were covered in feces and corn. Both were in bad shape, pale and missing feathers. After the rescue, Luvin Arms seeked immediate veterinary care for Koda who was struggling to walk and having respiratory problems. Koda’s nares were so packed with fecal and other matter that it was impairing her ability to breathe. After only a week of love and care at the sanctuary, Koda is breathing clearer and her feathers are growing back in. The care team is helping her in the pools and working to gain strength and better use of her legs. Koda is very bonded to Kenai and follows her everywhere, even if she has to take rest breaks to keep up.

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