What’s Happening at Luvin Arms in February?

From Events to Sanctuary Spotlights, learn all about what’s going on at Luvin Arms this month by clicking through the images and links below. (Don’t forget to check back here for updates!)


Gelato the rescued goat is our featured resident in February. Read her inspiring story HERE, and learn how you can support her through the vital gift of sponsorship. Check out her video HERE!


  • Butting heads
  • Playing with other goats
  • Her BFF Eno
  • Sunshine


Our precious Arya needs some extra love this month. We need to raise $5,000 for her life-saving medical procedure, scheduled for February 21st. Go HERE to learn more about how you can help Arya today!

Here are some quick and easy ways to support Luvin Arms:

  • Shop off of our wish list (from produce to medical supplies, you’ll find some of our most pressing needs here)
  • Add us to your King Soopers card (King Soopers donates annually based on your percentage of spending)
  • Download the abillion app and review all things vegan (every review you create earns you credit to support Luvin Arms)


Fun was had by all who attended Gelato’s Valentine Party on February 12th. Guests walked around the Sanctuary collecting special valentines from our animal residents, and enjoyed food from MU Denver and our Luvin Arms bake sale. Please join us for a future community event this year!

Last Chance: sign up for one of the final Cocoa and Cuddles Tours this month. Sip some tasty vegan hot chocolate, hear our residents’ inspiring stories, and get the unique opportunity to connect and cuddle with the beloved Big Barn residents!

Navigate to our entire event calendar HERE.


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Go HERE to find out how you can become a Luvin Arms Partner too.


Read all about one of our amazing community members, Ron Bernstein, and his experience visiting Luvin Arms.

What attracted you the most to Luvin Arms?

Our family loves and respects animals. We have had many rescue pets over the years and have worked with various animal welfare groups, particularly to support spay and neuter programs. Our granddaughter, Lylah, has a genuine interest in caring for and working with animals of all types. We are always looking for opportunities to nurture that interest, and when we came across Luvin Arms we wanted to learn more about farmed animal rescues, an area we didn’t know much about.

What is a favorite memory of a resident, or a favorite experience at Luvin Arms?

We have made several visits to Luvin Arms and got to meet many of the animals, and it would be really hard to pick a favorite. We enjoyed getting close to the pigs and goats, and were particularly impressed with the enrichment-oriented training of the goats. Particular favorites were Garbanzo and Gelato. Lylah got a chance to work with Garbanzo, and had a great experience bonding with him.

What inspires you to donate to Luvin Arms?

We have been inspired to donate to Luvin Arms because we support its mission and commitment to helping these animals in need. We were particularly inspired by the people working and volunteering at Luvin Arms. Everyone that we met had a true passion for helping the animal residents. We would particularly note the time we spent with Robert and Emma who helped us get close to the animals, and learn about their circumstances and care.

Anything else you would like to share?

We are very pleased that Luvin Arms is there to help abandoned or abused farmed animals, and provide understanding of the needs of these animals. We look forward to our next visit, and to continuing to support Luvin Arms’ mission.


“Hey, Teddy, there’s a little smudge on your face, you want a napkin?”

By Luvin Arms Volunteer Brian

Would you like to volunteer with Luvin Arms? Please navigate HERE to learn more, and join our Luvin Arms family today!

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