Rescued Sheep

Teddy Loves:

  • Treats!
  • Clicker play
  • Spending time with Finn

Teddy’s Story:

When Teddy came to us in December of 2016, he was close to death. He arrived with one other sheep named Finn. We believe that the two somehow escaped a feedlot. When they arrived, they were in rough shape. They each had severe pneumonia and were coughing up blood. We knew they needed advanced treatment, so they went to CSU veterinary hospital where they spent about a month receiving care. Once they were back at Luvin Arms, they were under an intense level of care. The two sheep recovered extremely well. However, they do have scar tissue in their lungs from the pneumonia that may require more treatment in the future, and Teddy broke his leg in the spring of 2019 and had to have it amputated. Through it all, Finn has been like a security blanket for Teddy, always there to comfort him. Teddy is extremely motivated and doesn’t let losing a leg stop him!

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