Rescued Goat

In Our Hearts

Eno Loved:

  • Playing on the playground
  • Her sister, Gelato
  • Meeting new people
  • Eating from the hay bag

Eno’s Tribute:

Eno and Gelato, sweet female goats lived on a dairy farm in North Carolina. Because of their advanced age, the girls could no longer produce enough milk and were going to be sent to slaughter. After working for the dairy farm for years, the owners were prepared to simply discard Eno (10 years old at the time) and Gelato (8 years old at the time), which sadly is common practice on dairy farms once female goats reach a certain age and milk production begins to decline.

Luvin Arms was notified, and our Animal Care Manager Jolene Wells flew to NC and drove Eno and Gelato back to their forever home at Luvin Arms.

Eno enjoyed her much deserved life of retirement: basking in the sunshine, playing with her goat family, and eating leafy green treats.

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