AKA “Bonzo”

Bonzo Loves:

  • His brother, Lenny
  • Exploring 
  • Climbing
  • Snuggling

Bonzo’s Story:

In late August of 2021, Luvin Arms welcomed two baby goat residents to the Sanctuary. They were lovingly named after beans: Garbanzo (nicknamed Bonzo) and Lentil (now called Lenny). They are both Nigerian Dwarf goats like Arya, and were rescued from the dairy industry. Goat dairy farms cannot use males, so they are simply seen as extra mouths to feed. Boys are sent off to auction or to slaughterhouses. Our veterinarian heard that the boys needed a place to go, and Luvin Arms was happy to provide a forever home for the sweet bean boys.

Bonzo is very curious, confident, and playful. He loves to climb and explore, and he’s very friendly with all visitors. Bonzo especially enjoys clicker play, and he was even featured on “American Ninja Warrior” with one of his clicker play partners, Jenny!

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