Rescued Chicken

Sunny Loves:

  • Hanging out with her friend Blueberry
  • Basking in the sun
  • Fruit!

Sunny’s Story:

Sunny was rescued after one of our volunteers got a call asking if she could help a hen who was wandering near a park in a suburban neighborhood. She had been seen for a couple of days yet no one was able to catch her. Sunny was hiding in an open garage when she arrived. It took a few tries, but with the help of some melon, she finally got her to come over to her!

Sunny was extremely dehydrated and very thin with missing feathers but warmed up to her right away, eating melon out of her hand. It was obvious from the start how young, vibrant, and confident she was. She talked and ate the entire 45 min drive to her forever home at Luvin Arms.

We named this sweet girl Sunny, for her sunny and bright personality! Now at Luvin Arms, she is thriving and has been loving her new home.

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