Rescued Chicken


  • Early bedtime
  • Snacks with flockmate Dani


Alongside her sisters, Pepita, Lady Gray, and Blanche, Ravyn experienced abandonment. Their journey to Luvin Arms began when a kind-hearted community member discovered them in a backyard left behind by previous homeowners. Unfortunately, this scenario is not rare. Many chickens are abandoned due to relocation or their caretakers’ inability to continue their care. This leaves them without essential provisions like water and medical attention.

Fortunately, Ravyn and her sisters’ story turned towards hope when the new homeowners, moved by compassion, reached out to Luvin Arms. Their actions ensured these gentle beings would survive and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Today, Ravyn has embraced a new chapter at Luvin Arms, where she and her sisters have been warmly welcomed into a loving flock. Ravyn swiftly bonded with her new flockmate, Dani, forming a deep and immediate connection. Together, they eagerly dash outside in spirited races for snacks. A true early riser, Ravyn often retires to bed ahead of the rest of the flock. She cherishes her companionship within the flock and favors scratch over fruits and veggies. Ravyn is finding peace in the safety and care provided by Luvin Arms.

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