Koda and Kenai

Rescued Babies Find Freedom

This Fourth of July, a day we have celebrated for 246 years, We the people are grappling more than ever before with what “freedom” means, and to whom it applies.

Kenai and Koda, a baby chicken and baby duck, were oblivious to our struggles, but fought their own battle for freedom. Their story is one we can all celebrate: the freedom of two unlikely friends near death, rescued, and now living happily at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. 

One summer evening, a couple in Littleton strolling through a park heard faint little cries for help coming from an unmarked box. They lifted the lid and saw two babies cowering together, terrified for their lives.

They were covered in feces and parasites, and starving for days. Kenai, the chicken, and Koda, the duck, were in desperate need of help.

Koda, gasping for air, had feces packed tightly inside his nasal cavity from breathing it inside the small area of the box. He also had an injured leg due to the extremely tight confinement. Kenai was missing feathers and discolored gray – a sign of parasite infestation. 

This Fourth of July, we are celebrating the kindness of the people who found Kenai and Koda and took them to their local humane shelter. This small act of kindness made a huge difference to their lives, and this is the only reason they survived.

The suffering they endured together has bonded them as friends and as brothers forever. It doesn’t matter that they are different species. They are completely inseparable – where one goes, the other soon follows. 

This unlikely friendship reminds us that in difficult times, individuals can band together just like Koda and Kenai. We, like all species, can overlook our differences and forge friendships to overcome the challenges in front us. 

Help us celebrate Koda and Kenai’s freedom story and help us celebrate compassion by joining us for the Luvin Arms Carnival on July 9th, 6-9 pm.

Our Fun Community Carnival features real carnival rides, games, live music, and food trucks. And visitors will also get to cuddle with the animal residents of Luvin Arms!

“At Luvin Arms, we believe creating a more compassionate world begins with our community and our families. All we do together should have the foundation of kindness and compassion at its core.”-Shartrina White, Executive Director

The Carnival will feature the following activities:


*Ballistic Swing

*Rock Climbing Wall

*Inflatable Skee Ball

*Fun House Slide

*Fun House Obstacle


*Ferris Wheel Combo

Carnival Games

Food Vendors:

*Vegan Van

*Saucy Cluckers

*Solstice Sweet

*Vegan Enchantments by Erica Sodas

*Nude Foods (free vegan samples)

Live music by Annette Conlon

Glass blowing demonstrations by Fera Academy

Learn More Here:

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