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Gus holds an honorable place in history as part of The Cabinet, the inaugural group of turkeys pardoned in Colorado’s first-ever traditional turkey pardoning. This momentous event, held by the Colorado Governor on Monday, November 20, 2023, also saw Gus’s flockmates – Pumpkin, Maple, and Matilda – receive pardons. This initiative by the Governor’s office aims to kickstart an annual tradition of turkey pardoning ceremonies at the Governor’s mansion, marking an exciting chapter in the state’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

Gus and his companions were rescued from a farm where turkeys are bred for Thanksgiving feasts. The practice of artificially accelerating a turkey’s growth through genetic modifications is prevalent in the industry. This method, aimed at increasing birds’ size for market demands, adversely affects their health and lifespan. Such practices prioritize size and growth rate over turkey well-being, often resulting in long-term health complications for these animals.

Upon their rescue, Gus and his flock exhibited typical signs of forced overfeeding. Yet, their story is a beacon of hope. Similar turkeys have thrived at our sanctuary, demonstrating the remarkable difference proper care and a loving environment can make. Once burdened by unhealthy weight due to their upbringing, these birds have successfully transitioned to a healthier lifestyle. Their journey is a testament to the possibility of a better life for these beings. This is where they can enjoy the longevity, wellness, and companionship they deserve.

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