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Twix came to Luvin Arms as part of the sheep rescue in June 2022. Twix, along with her 4-month old baby, mother Marilyn, brother Hershey, and 2 others were part of a backyard flock kept in downright neglectful conditions. When Luvin Arms came, under police supervision, Twix and the others were found with no water, little shade, and surrounded by barbed wire and trash. Luvin Arms rescued all 6 sheep a day before they were to be slaughtered. Twix and the others had never received medical care. Upon her visit at CSU veterinary hospital, it is suspected that she may again be pregnant and blood test results are pending. Twix has had her overgrown wool trimmed and is adjusting to her new, loving, forever home. Wherever you find her, you are likely to see her brother, Hershey, close by!

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