• Humans, and will walk up to them for pets and treats
  • Kisses on his face
  • His flock  


Sweet Shy found his home at Luvin Arms in June of 2022. Shy was part of a backyard flock of six sheep that had been severely neglected. Shy was underweight with overgrown wool.

Once in the care of Luvin Arms, Shy was able to seek medical treatment for the first time in his life. Shy has had his overgrown wool and hooves tended to, and stands out as quite the handsome fellow!

Although Shy is unrelated to the other five sheep he was rescued with, he has a strong bond with his flock, which includes Marilyn, Huckleberry, Junebug, Flora, and Fauna. He loves his flock so much, he will run and call to them if they are too far away. 

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