Riley, Rescued Sheep

Riley Loves:

  • Talking with other residents
  • Being the leader of our 4C program
  • Showing love

Riley’s Story:

Riley, the sheep, was a young sheep that was raised by a child for 4H.   The reality of all relationships of a child and the 4H “animal” are the two individuals a majority of the time develop a relationship and deeply love each other.   However, there’s a tragic and very sad side to 4H.  The relationship and bond of love between the child and the animal are broken after a few short months, and the animal is auctioned off for slaughter.   Riley survived this fate because of the love of a family that had their hearts opened.  Riley is the face of our developing 4C program which supports and educates youth in the core principles of Care, Compassion, Connection, and Community.

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