Rescued Sheep

Maxine Loves:

  • Being with her babies
  • Scratches behind the ears
  • When Jared calms down and stops head butting everyone

Maxine’s Story:

A dairy sheep farm in California was starving and neglecting hundreds of innocent sheep who were kept in absolutely horrific conditions. The sheep were so hungry that they resorted to eating wool off of each other. Maxine was one of those sheep. Maxine gave birth to three babies, Lexine, Jared, and Jaclyn, the day after being rescued. Maxine and the babies probably wouldn’t have survived if this occurred in the horrific conditions of the sheep farm. When Maxine arrived at Luvin Arms, she was extremely malnourished and so thin that you could see her hip bones and ribs. Now with enough food to eat and a safe and loving environment, Maxine is doing much better. She’s a great mother and spends her days looking after her babies.

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