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On a peaceful Saturday evening, October 21, 2023, we welcomed a beautiful new family to Luvin Arms. Squash and his seven siblings were born, with their brave mother, Lola, gracefully managing their arrival into the world. This miraculous event unfolded under the watchful eyes of our Manager of Resident Care, who spotted it through our camera system and promptly gathered our dedicated care team.

By the time the team arrived, Lola had already impressively welcomed all eight of her babies. The team then stepped in, carefully tending to the newborns and their remarkable mother, ensuring they were all healthy and comfortable in their new home.

Sadly, one of the little ones, a sweet girl named Eclipse, could not stay with us. She was born with a physical condition that made her time on earth brief, yet she left a lasting impression on our hearts.

Today, Lola and her seven thriving babies are the center of joy at Luvin Arms. Watching them grow, develop their unique personalities, and explore their world is a daily delight. It’s a privilege to support Lola as she lovingly cares for her family. Every day, we’re reminded of life’s beauty and resilience as we see this incredible family flourish in our sanctuary.

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Rescued potbelly
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