Rescued Pig

Ophelia Loves:

  • Her sister Athena
  • Running and hiding with snacks in her mouth
  • Treats!

Ophelia’s Story:

Ophelia’s mom and dad came from a large zoo in the upper midwest that has a farm animal exhibit. While at the zoo, her mom got pregnant at the “wrong time” so they were going to slaughter her and her 14 babies. This zoo, like many, only allowed their animals to become pregnant at certain times of the year to attract the public with babies. Once the babies are full grown/old news according to zoo attractions, zoos don’t want anything to do with them, as they prefer to keep space open for more baby animals that will draw in a crowd. Luckily, Ophelia and her sister Athena were rescued and ended up at Luvin Arms. Ophelia is a very smart girl, sometimes getting into mischief because of it!

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