Peaches Loves:

  • Her caregivers
  • Hanging out on the grass in the sunshine
  • Watching movies and enjoying snacks while healing from her injuries

Peaches’ Story:

A community member rescued Peaches the peahen from a neighbor who was raising her on a hobby farm for eggs and ornamental purposes. In late December 2022, Peaches had been exposed to record-breaking cold temperatures and suffered severe frostbite.

By the time Peaches was rescued and came to live at Luvin Arms in late February 2023, she had lost her left leg from the knee down, a toe on the right foot, and was covered in lice. She was also in desperate need of pain management.

Unfortunately, Peaches has since lost all the toes on her right foot. Her recovery includes physical therapy, where her caregivers lovingly encourage her to put weight on her legs. Slowly but surely, Peaches is walking again. 

Peaches is a sweet girl and a fighter! Her healing journey continues.

Don’t miss her sweet video.

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