Rescued Duck

Missy Loves:

  • Swimming
  • Her girl squad

Missy’s Story:

Missy, along with the other 14er ducks, was living on a farm that raises ducks for food: the boys are killed for meat and the girls are exploited for eggs. These girls were going to be killed at only 2-3 years old because they ended up costing the farm more money than they could make for them. Luvin Arms rescued Missy and the other girls, and they now live out their lives in freedom at the sanctuary. Missy is confident, and is a quiet sort of brave. Not as easily startled as her sisters, she usually hangs back in the crowd, but is a keen observer of the caregivers. She is reserved and a bit shy- but trusting. She is also curious and introspective, and seems to hang out a lot with Kit.

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