What’s Happening at Luvin Arms in April?

Spring is here, and the Sanctuary is buzzing with news! Read all about what’s going on at the Sanctuary this month, and don’t forget to check back for updates throughout the month.

RESIDENT OF THE MONTH: Peaches the Peahen

Peaches the rescued peahen is our featured resident in April. Read her inspiring story, watch her sweet video, and learn how you can support her through the vital gift of sponsorship.


  • Her caregivers
  • Life in her safe, warm, and happy home
  • Healing

CURRENT NEEDS: Spring Hay Drive

Did you know that it now costs $15 for one bale of hay, and we need ten bales to feed our residents for just one day?! Please help us fill up our hay barn this Spring by donating to our hay drive today.


Recently, we said goodbye to sweet Ducky the tiny chick, our newest rescue. Ducky and Peaches were housemates in the Luvin Arms medical barn.

Read her story, and please share your comments with us.

Arya is now back with her flock after spending several weeks recovering from her mastectomy surgery, due to a precocious udder. She is healing exceptionally well, thanks to her generous donors who helped fund her procedure and specialized aftercare.

Did you know that all animals need enrichment to live their best possible life? Read about our clicker play program to find out how enrichment is embedded into the care of each animal resident at Luvin Arms.

After her first vet visit on March 21st, Peaches is healing from her leg frostbite injuries under the careful watch of her caregivers. Her healing journey includes physical therapy, and possibly a prosthetic to support her weight.

(Pictured here: Peaches recovering in the medical barn, enjoying snacks and a movie.)

Flora and Fauna celebrated their first birthday on March 21st! Most farmed animals don’t get the opportunity to celebrate many birthdays. At Luvin Arms, birthdays are a BIG DEAL! Please help us celebrate #1 with Flora and Fauna, and keep an eye open for more First Birthday announcements this summer.


Luvin Arms hosted Spring Fest on April 15th. 

Over 5,000 were in attendance, visiting our vendor village, listening to live music, perusing our plant sale, and taking mini tours of the Sanctuary to meet our beloved cow and goat residents. 

Although the weather was if-y at times, the community persevered. It’s springtime in Colorado after all.

Check out the pics below:

Didn’t make it to Spring Fest this month? Sign up today for a Connecting Community Through Compassion Tour instead, and meet some of our precious animal residents. Visitors will also get the unique chance to participate in a live clicker play demonstration. We offer two tours each Saturday and Sunday: 11am and 1:30pm.

And coming up in May: new weekday tours will be added for the summer season. Stay tuned….

Each month, Luvin Arms hosts a Family Volunteer Day where children and their guardians have the opportunity to provide a special service for the animal residents of Luvin Arms.

April’s Family Volunteer Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd. Please sign up in advance for this popular family-friendly activity!

To Our Amazing Volunteers:

Gather with us for a Volunteer Appreciation Potluck on Sunday, April 30th. We’ll be hosting a special recognition ceremony. You don’t want to miss the fun!


This month we are highlighting our Volunteer and Administrative Director, Kathleen Jefferies. Please read her story below, and join us in thanking Kathleen for all her years of service at Luvin Arms.

In August 2015, Kathleen saw social media posts about an animal sanctuary starting up, and was excited to find it was located practically in her own backyard!

She attended a care orientation led by Shaleen Shah, and has been associated with Luvin Arms ever since. In the spring of 2016, when the Sanctuary was entirely volunteer run, Kathleen was invited to coordinate animal care volunteers, and continued to perform some of those functions on a volunteer basis until joining the staff.

In addition to being a Guide for weekly resident care, Kathleen has been involved in organizing each annual Gala, helped in various ways with administrative tasks, and even ran a fundraising event in 2016.

As a longtime member of the Luvin Arms Community, Kathleen initiated many of the programs such as Group Service Days and virtual and onsite tours, which are now regularly scheduled happenings at Luvin Arms.  

Kathleen joined the Luvin Arms staff in 2020 as the Volunteer and Administrative Director. She says she is ‘living her dream’ and is honored to be part of the dedicated staff at the Sanctuary.

Kathleen is grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Luvin Arms as it provides the means to put her values into practice and truly be part of the change she would like to see in the world.

What is your favorite memory with a resident?

Being involved with the lively, affectionate, clever individuals who reside at Luvin Arms for so many years provides many memories running the entire range of emotions.

Like when young Niblet decided to come up behind me and give me a big bump from behind, and Jale came right over to protect me and correct his bad behavior. 

I also have  fond memories of when our goat family consisted of Alfie, Arya, and Sebastian.  Although Alfie was younger than Arya and Sebastian, he was bigger, rambunctious, and pushed in for all the attention and food. I would hold Alfie’s horn and gently guide him to keep everyone safe and happy.  There’s no more guiding him by his horns today! He still loves scratches between his horns, though.

The most recent memory involves Teddy. Up until this year, Teddy and I had been meeting regularly since July 2020 as part of his Individual Enrichment Plan. After just a few sessions, we were strolling along and he affectionately licked my elbow. I took this as a sign that he had accepted me into his inner circle of love and trust, and recognized me as his human. It melted my heart.

One of the most impactful memories I have is when Tony, our llama who is now deceased, was being transferred into the trailer to be transported to CSU. All the cows came to their fence to watch, knowing Tony was injured and in distress. I saw a tear in Leroy’s eye. These are intelligent, caring, sentient beings.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in getting involved with Luvin Arms?
Get involved immediately, and come as frequently as possible to get to know the residents and the other volunteers and staff.  It is uplifting to form relationships with the diverse residents and get to know their likes and dislikes, and to form bonds with others in our community who share similar values and are on the same path. Spending time at the Sanctuary is good for one’s soul.  I think many agree with me on this.


Volunteers are the backbone of Luvin Arms. Visit HERE to learn how you can become a volunteer, and join our Luvin Arms family today!

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