Tito’s Cow Chute

Our cows need your help for their medical care!

When most people come to Luvin Arms, they exclaim that Tito is one of the biggest cows they’ve ever seen! And they’re right. Tito weighs over 2,000 pounds!

Tito loves to give cow hugs, kisses, and cuddles! His favorite pastime is hanging out with his cow and human friends in the warm sun. 

For any medical procedures with cows, it is critical that they are placed in a chute that keeps them still. This ensures the safety of the cow and the people. The chute allows us to trim their hooves and carry out health-checks.

Tito has lumps the size of golf balls on the skin of his underbelly. He is in urgent need of a biopsy.

Help Us Care For Tito!

Most medical equipment is designed for young animals, and has worked well for our residents in the past. But our cows are now fully grown, and need their bodies supported during a biopsy, health-check, or hoof trimming. 

We need a specialized chute that not only keeps them still, but actually has an apparatus that hugs their stomach and supports their body weight. 

This specialized chute is absolutely essential for the long term health of our cows. They need regular hoof trimmings and health-checks to prevent infection and disease. Tito desperately needs this chute so that we can biopsy his lumps. 

In order to purchase this chute for Tito and his cow friends, we need your help to raise $15,000 before the end of October.

It is so beautiful that all the residents of Luvin Arms get to live into old age, and your support ensures that they remain healthy for their entire lives. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity. Together, we can help Tito and his friends live their best lives at Luvin Arms!

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