Matcha: Giving Thanks for Life

Meet Matcha, one of Luvin Arms’ talkative Tea Girls who is our featured resident for November. We hope you will consider sponsoring her and her turkey friends this month. Check out this video of Matcha that aired on Denver 9News|Colorado & Company on Nov 28th!

Many people who visit Luvin Arms get the unique opportunity to hang out with turkeys for the very first time in their lives. Some guests express genuine surprise at how loving, social, and intelligent turkeys are. 

DID YOU KNOW: Mamma turkeys talk to their young while they’re still in the egg, and their babies are born knowing the sound of their mother’s voice? 

And turkeys have over 50 different calls, each with a unique meaning!

Please schedule a Virtual Sanctuary Tour today so you can hear these special turkey conversations in the comfort of your own home.

Matcha is one gal you will be sure to meet on that virtual tour, as she is incredibly curious, active, and energetic. She loves exploring her surroundings with her beak. You will see her checking out anything with sparkle: jewelry, nail polish, you name it. She might even crawl into the tour guide’s lap for a nap!

One of her biggest fans here at Luvin Arms is Emily Harvey, our Social Media and Events Coordinator. 

Emily said: 

“Matcha is the sweetest turkey I have ever met. Whenever I walk in and call her name, she stretches out her neck and looks at me, and then walks over for pets.”

Matcha, at the age of four months, was one of 100 birds released from a large-scale factory farm to animal activists, just one week before Thanksgiving 2018. The activists worked with several sanctuaries to find permanent homes for all the turkeys in their care. Matcha and her friends, all lovingly named after teas (Chai, Chamomile, Darjeeling, and Oolong), came to live a life of peace at Luvin Arms, and to tell the story of the billions like them slaughtered for food each year. 

You will notice that Matcha’s toes and beak were clipped, which is standard practice for factory farmed birds. It’s a sign of where Matcha came from, but past wounds don’t get in her way of enjoying life today.

For Thanksgiving, Luvin Arms invites our turkey  residents to feast on all their favorite foods, served on a special banquet table just their height. Lively Matcha and the Tea Girls are a sight to see on Thanksgiving Day!

When you sponsor Matcha and her turkey friends this month, you will provide them with nutritious food, clean bedding, and the best possible care they all so deserve. Help us honor Matcha and her turkey friends this Thanksgiving through the gift of sponsorship!

Also, join us at the Sanctuary for a month packed with compassionate events, just in time for the holiday season! See our November event flyer below.

Thanksgiving Cooking Class on Nov 19

Presentation: Plant-Rich Nutrition for the Winter Months on Nov 20

Turkey Trot on Nov 24

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