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Enjoy a New Kind of Carnival This Summer

For Immediate Release: June 9, 2022

Erie, Colorado – 

Most of us remember those fun-filled childhood memories of rodeo.

We all love the sheer adrenaline, rush, and excitement that comes with it. 

Kids especially love watching rodeos because they have a natural affinity toward animals. 

Unfortunately for the little baby calves that are chased in the rodeo, things are far from fun. These baby calves who just want to snuggle with their mothers, are chased, roped, hog-tied, and dragged through the dirt. For many baby calves, it could be the last day of their life. 

The question is – are the pain and suffering of these innocent baby calves justified? 

What if you could have the same carnival experience with animals without harming them? 

What if you can have fun-filled family memories centered around the true joy of connecting with animals?

That’s what the Luvin Arms Carnival is all about.  

The Luvin Arms Carnival is a unique experience that allows your kids to enjoy an incredible array of fun-filled activities around animals. They can enjoy carnival rides, games, and snuggles with the animals! There will be food trucks! Desserts! Live music! A prize booth and more! 

“Our children need to be exposed to love and compassion. Entertainment should never be derived from the pain and suffering of another being. Entertainment that is based upon cruelty desensitizes our children and creates a society filled with violence. The Luvin Arms Carnival is wholesome family fun that promotes the values we need most in today’s society: kindness and compassion.” – Shartrina White, Executive Director.

The Luvin Arms Carnival is coming up on July 9th.

For more information, please visit: The Luvin Arms Carnival.

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