Dot: A Luvin Arms Pioneer

We sadly said goodbye to our sweet Dot on October 24, 2022. Please join us in our memorial garden on Sunday, October 30th from 12:00-3:00pm as we pay tribute to Dot and share stories about her time here at Luvin Arms.

Dot came to call Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary her home in October 2015. As one of our very first residents, she showed us what happens to an individual when surrounded by a daily dose of love and compassion.

Dot started out at a local “organic, free-range” egg farm. When she stopped laying eggs, she was no longer considered desirable according to the industry. Luckily, she was rescued by one of our volunteers, after becoming quite malnourished and calcium deficient while constantly laying eggs.

Dot thrived for seven full years at the Sanctuary, opening minds and hearts on tours, developing strong connections with her flock, and proudly showing off her beautiful feathers to anyone who visited her home. 

Please enjoy some fond memories about Dot here, and feel free to add your own in the comments below:

“Dot was a super spunky girl! And a runner! She was also beautiful. Her feathers were always perfect, and she took good care of herself and her flock.” – Madeline Schefke, Animal Care Team Lead

“Rest in peace, Dot. I remember her arrival so many years ago. Sweet girl. I hope she’s running with her friends.” – Monika Bunting, Tour Guide

“I’m heartbroken. Dot was one of the very first residents at Luvin Arms. For a long time we only had Dot, Buku, Tuesday, and Rudy. Dot has a special place in my heart.” – Shilpi Shah , Co-Founder

“She was such a curious and high energy girl! She loved pecking at Rudy’s beak when he had food on it, racing out like lightning for snacks with Tuesday every night, and dust bathing with her flock. She lived a very long and amazing life. We were all so lucky to get to know her!” – Jolene Wells, Animal Care Team Manager

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