Jale's Story

Jale (pronounced Haalee) is a ten-year old white Arabian mare. This beautiful animal was the inspiration for Luvin Arms. Jale began life with an affluent couple in California, but, after their bitter divorce, was taken to Florida by the wife and did not receive the necessary care. Her condition declined as she lost weight. A caring person, experienced with horses, rescued Jale from this situation and brought her to Colorado. Here she enjoyed life being part of a herd with 100 acres to graze on. With several months of loving care and human interaction, Jale thrived and was ready to find a forever home. In June 2014, she met Shaleen Shah, co-founder of Luvin Arms, and chose him as her human.

Jale is opinionated, wild at heart, and a gentle and diplomatic leader of the herd at Luvin Arms.




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