Welcome to Luvin Arms, Lilac!

Thank you for helping to provide a loving home for Lilac at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary! Your compassion and generosity make these life-saving rescues possible, and we honestly can’t thank you enough!

Update: Monday, June 24th:
Upon arrival at Luvin Arms, we had concerns about the condition of Lilac’s leg, and over the last week, we’ve learned more about her situation. Lilac has been diagnosed with a septic joint, a severe condition that requires aggressive treatment to give her the best chance at recovery.

Lilac has started on antibiotics and supportive care. She had her first joint lavage where fluid was flushed through and out of her joint. The veterinarian at CSU, who is taking excellent care of her, was very happy with how the procedure went.

Lilac will need ongoing treatments, including another joint flush and an arthroscopic procedure. These treatments aim to remove the bacterial infection and the fluid build-up surrounding her joint. Septic arthritis is very painful and can have lifelong effects, so her recovery will largely depend on how she responds to these treatments.

As you can imagine, these unexpected treatments for sweet Lilac come with significant costs. This visit to the vet alone is expected to cost nearly $3,000. We are committed to keeping her strong, healthy, and happy, and any additional support for her care would be greatly appreciated.

Lilac is still at CSU, resting comfortably on pain medication, and we are optimistic she will come home to Luvin Arms sometime this week. We will keep everyone updated on her progress and will monitor her closely to determine the next steps!

Thank you to our amazing Luvin Arms Community for your support. We truly couldn’t provide this quality of care without you!

Previous Updates:

Update on our little lamb girl’s journey since her rescue on Thursday, June 6th:
We took her to Colorado State University (CSU) for a thorough check-up, focusing mainly on her right front leg. The vets at CSU did an ultrasound, and thankfully, there are no fractures—just some soft tissue damage and fluid around her elbow. It turns out she isn’t sick, just in pain. Right now, she’s on medications like meloxicam and gabapentin to help ease her discomfort, and she’s also receiving cold laser therapy to help her heal. She’s staying in her stall unless someone from our care team or the Luvin Arms staff can accompany her outside. This rest is to help her injured leg heal properly. We’re thrilled to share that she’s already starting to put more weight on that leg!

Our little lamb is making great physical progress but feels lonely and often cries out for company.

We’re working hard to speed up her health checks so she can join the rest of our sheep flock and other sanctuary friends as soon as possible. We know being around her new buddies will give her the comfort and joy she needs right now. In the meantime, our Luvin Arms team is giving her all the love and attention she needs to feel at home.

We’ll keep you updated on her progress and any new developments, including her name, which we’re currently discussing and will announce soon! Thank you for your support and generosity!

Thank you for coming together to rescue this sweet girl; your kindness has given her a fresh start and warmed our hearts!

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