Veganuary 2022 Pledge

New Year, New You! And Luvin Arms is Here to Support You

Take the Veganuary Pledge Today!

Every year in the US, 659,000 people die from our leading killer, heart disease. There is only one scientifically proven prevention and cure.

A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. 

By choosing to incorporate more plant-based meals into our diet, we can extend our lifespan, and most importantly, our healthspan. Our healthspan is the span of time in our life when we are healthy, fit, and mobile. Able to run around and connect with our kids, grandkids, spouses, pets, and all our loved ones. When we are able to work, travel, and love with ease.

On the Standard American Diet (SAD), the healthspan of most Americans is cut drastically short. In the US, 70% of healthcare dollars are spent on the management of preventable chronic diseases–such as our leading killer, heart disease.

On a Plant-Based Diet, we can thrive healthfully for our entire lives. We can have the freedom, independence, and mobility to connect with our loved ones. By investing in our health before diseases arise, we are unfettered by the financial burden of medical expenses in the management of chronic diseases. We embody the value of Ahimsa–nonviolence toward all living beings; we create compassion in the world. We are healthy–body, mind, and soul.

Luvin Arms is here to help you make the transition to a more plant-based diet, whatever that looks like for you! Today, take our pledge to be plant-based for the month of January, and we will equip you with a free vegan mentor to help you transition and provide all the support you need.  

For the month of January, your vegan mentor will provide you with support in whatever way you desire. You get to determine the mode of communication–in-person meetings, zoom calls, phone calls, and/or email–and the frequency of check-ins. Luvin Arms is committed to providing the best modality of support for you. 

Take the Luvin Arms Veganuary Pledge today, and kickstart the longevity of your healthspan!!

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