Tully enjoying the sun

Tully: An Ex-Fighter Who Found Peace at Luvin Arms

Our beloved Tully passed away on November 10, 2022, surrounded by the Luvin Arms Care Team. 

There will be a memorial for Tully on Sunday, November 13 at 2pm. Please join us at Luvin Arms as we honor our beautiful boy. 

Young Tully

Tully was rescued from a chicken fighting bust in New Mexico. Tully and four of his friends, Malu, Han, Ishmael, and Oakley, found a peaceful home at Luvin Arms in 2016. 

It is often surprising how gentle and kind these birds are with people after all that they have gone through at the hands of humans. Tully was a shy yet talkative boy who endured severe arthritis treatments and ongoing vet visits like such a gentleman. He was a wonderful example of how an individual will thrive when given the opportunity to live their best life.

The Luvin Arms Care Team doted on Tully, especially during his last days. They prepared a special picnic in the November sunshine just for Tully, including a meal of all his favorite foods. He will be deeply missed!

Enjoy these sweet memories below, and feel free to add your own in the comments section:

“He was such a strong, resilient, and grumpy uncle to us all, and we love him so much. The Sanctuary will never be the same without him, but he’ll forever be in our hearts. I cannot describe how much people loved Mr. Tully Man!” -Jolene Wells, Animal Care Team Manager

“Tully: such a gallant soul. Rest In Peace.” -Monika Bunting, Tour Guide

“Sweet Tully Man: words cannot describe. I will love you forever! Thank you for blessing my life.” -Kara Brock, Animal Caregiver 

“Tully was a fighter for life. He survived untold horrors to live a beautiful life for many years at Luvin Arms, even through many medical challenges. He is an inspiration to us all.” – Shartrina White, Executive Director

“Anyone who really knew you, Tully, knew it was a privilege to be your friend. And even though you hated being held and sometimes got sassy, I knew we were friends. I’ll miss the way you dunked your whole head in the water bowl to drink, how you selectively picked out the treats from your meals, giving you little epsom salt soaks for your feet, and watching you love life. Every time I go by the chicken pasture, I’ll think of you and the times we shared together. Thank you for making my life brighter and better by just being your amazing self. I’m so glad you’re able to walk again, and share an endless chicken pasture forever with Blaze by your side. I love you so much, Tully.” -Madeline Schefke, Animal Care Team Lead

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