To Lily, With Love

Our hearts are heavy as we announce the passing of a Luvin Arms’ legend: Lily the rescued pig. Please share your memories of this beloved individual in the comments section after reading her inspiring story below.

Lily and Lizzie were rescued from a factory farm as babies. After being temporarily fostered by others, Luvin Arms became Lily and Lizzie’s forever home in 2017. 

Lily was amazing at opening minds and hearts around her sentience as a pig. And she took her job quite seriously.

Most Sanctuary tours included a demonstration of Lily’s love for belly rubs. Much like a dog, Lily would roll over for this special connection time with any guest. 

Above all else, Lily loved her family, Felix and Lizzie, the king and queen of the pig residents. They spent all their days together, taking mud baths in the summer, and tucking each other in during the cold months. Just like us, Felix and Lizzie will dearly miss their beloved companion, Lily. 

Although she is gone, we will continue telling Lily’s story about surviving the factory farm industry and living the most extraordinary life at Luvin Arms. She will continue to open minds and hearts about the emotional intelligence of pigs.

Lily’s legacy will carry on, as she will remain forever in our hearts. 

Rescued Pig

Enjoy Some Love Notes to Lily:

She is the MOST loved pig and the sweetest soul who touched hundreds of peoples’ hearts. Thank you all for giving her the love, comfort, and community that every pig deserves. She’ll always be the biggest part of this place and the absolute heart of the sanctuary!

– Jolene Wells, Director of Resident Care 

You were such a sweet, joyous, and playful girl! Your heart was so big, and you brought so much love and light to everyone who had the opportunity to know you. You will forever be in our hearts, Lilian. 

– Cassie Baurick, Care Team

She changed the hearts of many! 

– Kelly Nix, Director of Engagement 

You were the sweetest, kindest, and gentlest pig I’ve ever known. You loved to follow your sissy around wherever she went, and would know that as long as you had her and Felix by your side, you were safe. Thank you for all the snuggles and happiness you gave to me. You really were a giver, and fully trusted humans despite where you came from. You loved your hay snacks, cuddling with Lizzie, belly rubs of course, and the mud pit. You embraced every minute of your life, and loved life so much! I feel so grateful I got to know you, learn from you, be friends with you, take care of you, and love you. I know you’ll find your momma and siblings somewhere out there. 

– Madeline Schefke, Resident Care Manager

Love you, Lily!! You were strong, kind, loving, and so forgiving. You’ve taught me how to forgive and trust. I’ve learned so much from you and Lizzie. 

–  Shilpi Shah, Co-Founder

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