Thor, The Beautiful

With heavy hearts, we said our final goodbyes to Thor on November 13, 2022.

Thor was rescued from an Oklahoma chicken fighting bust. When he first came to call Luvin Arms his peaceful forever home in 2016, Thor was scared of people due to these traumatic beginnings. Over time he grew to trust his human caregivers, and his natural chipper self began to shine through the trauma. 

Like the mythic character he was named after, Thor was a beautiful sight to behold. He had the most exotic plumage. And when we heard his enthusiastic crow around the Sanctuary, we knew who was calling: Thor, The Beautiful!

He will be sorely missed by Luvin Arms, his caregivers, and the flock of hens Thor doted on and protected.

Please enjoy some sweet memories from his family here at Luvin Arms.

“Thor had the craziest hair style, but it worked for him. He was lightning fast, loved to just loaf mode outside in the sun, and let his girls get first dibs on snacks. He walked in such a cute way, and at night he and his girls would cuddle in a corner together. He was such a funny and beautiful guy. I’ll miss seeing him everyday, and taking care of him. His flock really admired him, so I know they’re heart broken just like us. I love you so much, Thor!” -Madeline Schefke, Animal Care Team Lead 

“These guys had endured so much, and then were given lives that all roosters should have. Thor and the other ex-fighters found love, security, and purpose at Luvin Arms.” -Kathleen Jefferies, Volunteer and Administrative Director 

“I know his flock will miss his protective and watchful eye – they loved Mr. Thor! His name was very fitting for him because he was tough as nails, and man, he was the fastest chicken I’ve ever met! Although we didn’t get to sit in there and be with him often, it’s still very hard to see a flock with a missing piece, and I know the girls in his flock feel that too. Thor had a great long life at the Sanctuary, and got to feel safe and loved during his time here.” -Jolene Wells, Animal Care Team Manager

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