Riley, Rescued Sheep

The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life, every being on this planet needs, and shares in the life force of the atmosphere. We collectively share this force on our planet. We breathe the same breath of life of all beings. We collectively share not only the air that we breathe, but the joys and sorrows of all beings. Our Founders Shaleen and Shilpi Shah, rescued their first animal resident in 2015, Jale an Arabian Mare. Jale taught the Shahs that she was more than simply a horse to be rode for human pleasure. She taught them that she was an individual, that she had thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes. She shared herself with the Shahs and they listened, but more than that they felt the very essence of her being. She equally wanted to live a life free from abuse and even use. She wanted to breathe in freedom, freedom from all forms of abuse. It was through her eyes that they came to feel in the pain of others like her. Jale showed them that others needed their help.

It was during the second rescue that the Shahs witnessed other beings dragged, prodded, and kicked across the auction floor. It was then that they breathed in the collective weight of pain of many beings. It was then when the Universe sent them a signal – a simple phone call from a neighbor asking them if they knew anyone who could use 23 acres. Shaleen and Shilpi with no prior experience with farmed animals responded to the signal the Universe was sending, and Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary was founded.

Shaleen and Shilpi were a young married couple, with two young boys just starting their family together. What possibly could they have been thinking, starting a farmed animal sanctuary for abused and neglected animals? They weren’t! They were feeling principles that were ingrained in their hearts from birth. Shaleen and Shilpi Shah are both Jain. Jainism has a core principle of Ahimsa..non-violence to all beings. When you give attention to your breath when you say Ahimsa. “Ah..you breathe in…”him” You breathe out…and “a” a sigh of contentment…The word “Ahimsa” is the breathe that we breathe…it’s the feeling in our heart when we are doing all that we can physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually do to fulfill our promise of compassion to all living beings.

Ahimsa is practiced in every thought, action, and feeling at Luvin Arms. Ahimsa is our core principle by which we operate, it always has been. We are honored to publicly share our core principle with you – our community. Our branding now reflects our core belief. We invite you to help us create a world of Ahimsa – nonviolence to all beings through compassion.

“All of life is just like me. I want to live. So do all souls, all living beings. The instinct of self-preservation is universal. Every animate being clings to life and fears death. Each of us want to be free from pain. So let me carry out all of my activities with great care not be harmful to any living being.” — Mahivir.

Shartrina White
Executive Director
Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

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