Tales from the Barn….

…. And tails, some of which are curly! (Thoughts from new Luvin Arms’ volunteer, Brian)

Another fun day at the Sanctuary: sweeping, raking, and scooping.

I got to interact with several sheep, and got to pet Teddy (3-legged sheep) for the first time.

When I was sweeping the walkway between the enclosures on either side, Felix the pig came over and told me what was on his mind.

Before I started scooping, I got to see Domino the cow up close (but outside his home). What a magnificent creature. He is something like 2500 lb., the largest resident, and his shoulder is above my head. The term “majestic enormity” came to mind.

My back was a little sore, but it was a fun day.

The next week, I went to Luvin Arms on both Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving), since a lot of staff and volunteers probably have family commitments.

On Wednesday, I spent my time with the sheep, then went and did one of the pig homes.

I have one of those I Got Licked By A Cow At Luvin Arms bumper stickers (not sure where to display it, I don’t do bumper stickers on my truck), and now I want to suggest that they make another version with a new caption: I Got Nuzzled By A Pig At Luvin Arms.

While I was raking their home, either Lily or Lizzie (they look alike, one is smaller, or less large) came over by me and nuzzled her nose/snout against my pant leg several times.

Robert, the Enrichment Coordinator who does clicker play with the residents, was in the vicinity, so maybe she thought all bipeds have treats, or maybe she is almost as bad as I am about remembering names and faces (although we had not officially met previously).

After I got done raking the Felix/Lily/Lizzie enclosure, I saw Robert and told him of my experience. His response was: “It’s a badge of honor, wear it proudly.” What a perfect response.

On Thursday, I did pig enclosures, their adjacent outdoor area, and then the cows’ outside area. My back was sore again. Not sure if it was from the longer time spent, or that I was cleaning up after larger residents. I may forego the cows’ outdoor area in the future.

Just before I left, I got to meet John, the wonderful photographer. I told him how much I love his ability to capture the spirit and personalities of the Luvin Arms residents. I have always been so impressed with the pictures on the website, on my Certificates Of Sponsorship, and elsewhere.

He and Emma (Director Of Advancement In Ahimsa) also have created some videos about Luvin Arms and of individual residents that are excellent and have won awards.

I encourage all of you to visit the Luvin Arms website, poke around the various pages, and see the wonderful pictures of pigs caressing, cows with tongues out, roosters calling out, and unlikely friendships between species (like the Executive Director’s dog, Buddha and a young lamb, Cheerio).

If you would like to volunteer for Luvin Arms, please find more information HERE.

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