Lily, Lizzie & Felix

Tales from the Barn: January edition

(By new volunteer, Brian)

Spent two hours with the pigs today (I was productive, not just lounging).

After the hurricane winds last night (at 5:30am I was chasing down my trash cans, their lids, and other items from my yard), when I arrived at Luvin Arms there were tumbleweeds packed against the big gate (between parking area and barns). No big surprise given the strength of the winds.

When I went in with the pigs (Felix, Lizzie, Lily), there were an abnormally large number of tumbleweeds in their home. One door to their home was open, but it was still surprising to see that many. Then I saw Lizzie or Lily (still working on resident and staff identification) walking (waddling) into the enclosure with a tumbleweed in her jaws. I guess most staff/volunteers already know that the pigs are fascinated with tumbleweeds, and treasure them. This clumsy human was too slow getting his camera out of his pocket, and a great photo op was missed. I observed more tumbleweed infatuation during my time in the other pig areas, but still missed the good photo shots.

Three other volunteers were working diligently this morning. A couple helped this decrepit old guy and dumped my wagon for me (chivalry is not dead, just reversed). Kimberly was really friendly, and has an affinity to laugh often.

As I was leaving the Big Barn, Kimberly and another volunteer were headed for the horse/donkey tracks to clean up there. I felt bad/guilty for not joining them, but thought that I had used up my back’s window of comfort.

Side note from the Luvin Arms Crew: Lizzie and Lily aren’t the only ones who are fascinated with tumbleweeds. Check out these fun images….

Luvin Arms Residents Love Tumbleweeds!

If you would like to volunteer for Luvin Arms, please find more information HERE.

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