Sweet Sweet Baba

We said gentle goodbyes to our sweet Baba on May 30, 2023. She was diagnosed with cancer and was in severe pain. Unfortunately, when our birds are given this diagnosis, the most we can do for them is make them comfortable. We knew she was in significant pain and made the tough decision to help her pass. She spent the morning snacking on grass with her flock in the warm sun. The care team was with her and gave her so much love as she passed.

       When Baba first moved in, she, Selene, and Brida were introduced to Thor and lived happily with him till his passing. They were then welcomed into Oakley’s flock. This flock loved being outside, spending time in the grass, and snuggling all together under the ramp at bedtime. Baba was such a sweet, loving girl!

       Baba became a resident at Luvin Arms in 2020, along with 18 of her companions. They were rescued from a Community Supported Agriculture farm. Because she no longer produced eggs to the extent that the farm wanted her to, she and 250 other hens (the 18 companions included) were going to be killed. She was thought to be roughly 2-4 years old. Chickens’ lifespan varies, but they can live up to 10 years old. Baba and the 250 other hens were destined for a life cut far too short.

      We are grateful that she and all the hens from this rescue, can live the rest of their lives in a happy, safe home where their worth is not measured by what can be taken from them.

Sweet Baba, you are missed tremendously!

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