In Memory of Rose: From Transport Truck to a Life of Tranquility at Luvin Arms

With heavy hearts, we said our final goodbyes to sweet Rose on March 6, 2023, due to squamous cell carcinoma. Please read her inspiring story below, and feel free to add your comments.

Hundreds of chickens were on a transport truck headed to slaughter in Pennsylvania when the crates fell off the truck on the highway. Seventy-four chickens miraculously survived the accident and were rescued. Rose and six of her friends (Beatrice, Eloise, Gertrude, Helen, Helga, and Irene) came to live safe and sound at Luvin Arms in October 2017. 

Rose was a sweet and gentle girl, always wanting to interact with Sanctuary visitors and hang out with her chicken friends.

According to Jolene Wells, the Animal Care Team Manager: “She was a quiet girl who always loved a good snack. And she loved her flock so much! Thank you everyone for giving her amazing care, and loving her through hard times. Please send her love and good thoughts on her way up – we know she’s no longer in pain.”

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