Reece Kaminski cleaning the horse run. Reece has a shovel in his hand and a black wagon next to him. Reece is wearing gray shorts and a blue shirt that says "AvoGato" with a picture of an avocado with cat whiskers coming out the sides. Conrad and Megan Kaminski are in the background doing the same chore. Megan has on black shorts with a white jacket while Conrad is in gray shorts and a black short sleeve t-shirt. In the background there are trees and the sky is blue with no clouds. There appears to be no wind and warm temperatures.

Permaculture Design Project

We are excited to share the next steps in the plant-based permaculture design project that is taking place at Luvin Arms! To give you a quick update, volunteers have been actively building compost bins out of reclaimed items as well as maintaining decomposable materials that are turning into compost! For additional information, please check out thenightskygarden.org/designs

Our next steps are to purchase the required seeds and plants for the permaculture construction project. This project requires funds to sufficiently cover the cost of 22 unique plant species’, and of the 22, 3 are native trees. Many of the plants are also native to Colorado. A few of our goals are to enable more self-sufficiency, with food for the residents and for wildlife within their outdoor living quarters, a drastic increase in biodiversity, increase enrichment opportunities for the residents, and provide an educational component for visitors to name a few.

We are beyond grateful for any help or support for this project. This will drastically improve our animal resident’s homes and enrich their daily lives. We look forward to enhancing our animal residents’ outdoor living areas starting with the bird homes. Below is a design for an outdoor living area in our bird barn, which is the first area we’re starting with.

In Solidarity,

Alaina, Dylan, and Andrea

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