Niblet: From Neglected Foal to Beloved By All

Niblet is our Resident of the Month for December! Read his uplifting story here, and please consider sponsoring him this month. 

We can’t tell sweet Niblet’s story without talking about how Luvin Arms began.

In 2015, Shaleen and Shilpi Shah, the founders of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, adopted their first rescue, Jale the horse, from a neglect case. 

After rescuing Jale, the Shah family decided they wanted to help other horses who had been abandoned or suffered abuse. 

According to Shaleen, “Soon after (Jale), we rescued another horse, Niblet. He was the same age as our younger son, Avi, and was unwanted. We did not have any land, but we could pay for boarding and hay for horses at a boarding facility. 

On our way to the horse boarding facility, I could do nothing but think of the animals that we could not save. The hundreds of innocent lives lost to unknown atrocities awaiting them. All I could think was: ‘If only we had land, maybe I could save some more of them.’

Incredibly, the universe answered us that same night. I got a call from a contact asking if I knew anyone who would like to rent 23 acres that was just two miles from our home. It felt like God was asking us to do something.

After a long night of discussion between Shilpi and me, we signed the lease the very next day. On that day in August of 2015, Luvin Arms was born.”

Niblet and Jale launched Luvin Arms!

Soon they began participating in Sanctuary tours, along with other rescued residents, each sharing their stories and lending their voices for their species.

Niblet is now eight years old, but he still acts just like a playful pup: energetic, inquisitive, nibbly. Hence his name! 

Horses are very playful animals, and they love to explore new objects and see how much fun they can have with them. We give our horse residents like Niblet a variety of different toys and enrichment items for their mental stimulation. Watch these fun videos of Niblet expertly swinging toys around, and playing with his  food bowl and a new ball!

He also loves showing off his snazzy fashion sense when the weather gets cold!

Unfortunately, Niblet suffers from a condition called laminitis. It was detected in Niblet when he was very young. There are many possible causes for laminitis, and in Niblet, we suspect it is simply his genetics. Due to Niblet’s condition, we cannot let him graze on grass pasture. The high sugar content in grass can bring on an active case of laminitis, which can eventually cause death. 

One part of our solution to enhance Niblet’s overall wellbeing was the creation of Paddock Paradise in 2021. Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model for the safe healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of Paddock Paradise is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. Check out this video of Niblet running alongside his beloved care team in his beautiful home!

One of his favorite people is Kara Brock, an Animal Caregiver at Luvin Arms. Here’s what Kara says about Niblet and their special bond: 

We have had lots of times playing together, running around. But something really great is seeing his health improve over the years. In addition to his health, his behavior has also improved. He is such a funny, spunky, sweet man. One of my favorite moments besides playtime was when he was napping in the sand and he let me lay down with him for a bit. It was so cute to watch him dreaming and basking in the sun.

Niblet is a fine example of what happens to an individual when given an opportunity to live out his best life – his adorable personality shines through bright and clear.

As winter approaches, we are encouraging our community to sponsor Niblet, providing him with the best possible care he so deserves throughout the coldest months of the year. Thank you for your generosity!

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