Luvin Arms Hosts Refugees for a Day of Service and Refuge

March 10, 2022 – Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is collaborating with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) this month for a day of contemplative service work in honor of both female refugees and the animal residents of Luvin Arms. 

The IRC is one of three resettlement agencies in the Denver area for refugees, asylum seekers, and special immigrant visa holders. Their women’s support group, We Can Do It!, is an adjustment and acculturation program that uses different tools and mediums for stress relief, trauma processing, and community building. Women from different nationalities and backgrounds come together every week to support each other, practice English, and explore new skills. Despite language barriers and hardship, this model has proven to be a successful instrument for bringing people together, providing a safe space for expression, and fostering wellbeing and creative empowerment. 

During this program year, the IRC community is using outdoors activities as a medium for holistic wellness while exploring the beautiful Colorado landscape, and benefiting from the wonderful peace obtained through connection to nature. They offer various activities such as biking, hiking, nature art creation, group activities, volleyball, slacklines walking, and others. In addition, calmer connecting activities are also offered in nature: sitting meditation, walking meditation, breathing exercises, connection with animals, and relaxation.

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary will be providing the female refugees with ample opportunities to connect with the animal residents of Luvin Arms in March. Cuddling with animals can alleviate stress, provide a sense of peace during difficult times, and transcend any language barrier. The day will be mutually beneficial for both the female refugees and the Luvin Arms’ residents, underscoring the Sanctuary’s mission of Ahimsa – nonviolence towards all living beings – something both of these groups desire and deserve. 

Luvin Arms is a nonprofit animal sanctuary for abused and neglected farmed animals, based in Erie, Colorado. Luvin Arms is working to provide exceptional lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive care for their animal residents, and to advocate for those who have not been rescued by sharing their residents’ stories to inspire, educate, and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

The IRC helps people affected by humanitarian crises – including the climate crisis – to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. Founded at the call of Albert Einstein in 1933, the IRC is now at work in over 40 crisis-affected countries, as well as communities throughout Europe and the Americas. The IRC delivers lasting impact by providing health care, helping children learn, and empowering individuals and communities to become self-reliant, always seeking to address the inequalities facing women and girls.

For more information about Luvin Arms, please visit: https://luvinarms.org

For more information about the IRC, please visit: https://www.rescue.org

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