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Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary Invites the Public to Its First-Ever Farmed Animal Enrichment Day

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary will host an inspiring and educational Farmed Animal Enrichment Day on August 27, 2022.

The Sanctuary invites the community to participate in this special behind-the-scenes look at how the humans and nonhumans of Luvin Arms speak a common language. 

Many in the community are familiar with positive reinforcement clicker training as a popular technique that pet parents use to reward the behavior of their canine companions.

Luvin Arms established its own clicker play program in 2021, developing Individual Enrichment Plans for each of its farmed animal residents. Just like dogs, each species at Luvin Arms – from chickens to cows to sheep – easily learns clicker play skills! The Luvin Arms clicker play program introduces skills that are fun and engaging for the residents, providing them with agency to engage in their daily cooperative care needs. This also builds trusting relationships between the residents and their partners, and teaches the residents skills that come in handy for situations like haltering and boarding a trailer for a trip to the vet.

The Luvin Arms Enrichment Day will include an informative talk by Behavior Consultant, Janna Dewey of Behavior Vets Colorado.

 Janna will discuss:

  • how to apply positive reinforcement to different species
  • the science of behavior change 
  • how enrichment positively impacts animals
  • ideas for enrichment activities
  • where to start when experiencing behavioral problems

The day will also include clicker play demonstrations between several of the Luvin Arms animal residents and their volunteer enrichment partners, as well as creating environmental enrichment toys for the residents.

“By learning about clicker play – how it enriches the lives of our residents – and viewing clicker play demonstrations, visitors will begin to relate to the residents in similar ways they relate to their own pets at home,” said Robert Heyer, Enrichment Coordinator at Luvin Arms. 

For more information about the Luvin Arms Enrichment Day, please visit here.

About Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Luvin Arms is a nonprofit animal sanctuary for abused and neglected farmed animals, located in Erie, Colorado. Luvin Arms provides exceptional lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive care for their animal residents, and advocates for those who have not been rescued by sharing their residents’ stories to inspire, educate, and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

About Behavior Vets Colorado

Behavior Vets Colorado is a one-of-a-kind team of Behavior Vets, Behavior Consultants, and Certified Dog Trainers, led by Colorado’s most experienced Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. Together they dedicate their lives to helping people and pets enjoy life together.

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