In Memory of Ducky: Little and Loved

Please join us in honoring Ducky, our newest resident who passed away soon after her arrival at Luvin Arms. Ducky was one of very few chickens who make it to sanctuary, and in her short time on earth, she was blessed to experience love from her Luvin Arms caregivers. She will be remembered at the Sanctuary on Monday, April 10th at 12:30PM Mtn.

Ducky, a two-day-old chick, was rescued from a local farm supply store on Wednesday, March 29th. Both of her legs were severely disabled, either from a birth defect or an injury. Due to this disability, she struggled to thrive alongside the other chicks she lived with at the store.

We were told she would die if left with the other healthy chicks, but if removed from them she would be placed in “the back of the store.” She would have never received the care she needed.

DID YOU KNOW: Live baby birds are shipped en masse during this time of year. So many die during the transportation process. Those who make it to stores don’t always receive the best care. And the chicks who don’t thrive, like Ducky, are likely thrown out (still alive). Many people buy young birds during the Easter season, and get rid of them when they are no longer tiny babies, mostly to become food.

In a moment of compassion, an employee offered to let us take her to give her a forever home at Luvin Arms, where she would receive all the care she so deserved.

Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly on the morning of Tuesday, April 4th.

While she was at Luvin Arms, she enjoyed spending time in the grass under the warmth of the sun in the springtime breeze.

Ducky loved meeting her neighbor, Peaches the rescued peahen. While Peaches watched a movie, Ducky happily listened too, snuggled next to her stuffy lamb, “Lamby.”

She was so brave and strong, and didn’t let her inability to walk stop her from exploring her area.

She talked to us each time we came in to feed her or just to say hello. Her tiny peeps made our day, and we could not resist giving her hugs and kisses.

“Although Ducky was with us for such a short time, she will forever be in our hearts. In her few days here she was loved tremendously, and we are grateful to have had her in our lives.”

-Bailey Parker, Animal Care Volunteer Manager

Written by Bailey Parker

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