In Memory of Charlie

With sad hearts, we said goodbye to our beloved Charlie on December 9th, 2022.

Charlie lived a life of peace at Luvin Arms beginning in 2018. Charlie and his rooster friends, Spike, Mikey, Jonny, and Dante, were rescued from the kaporos rituals in Brooklyn, NY. 

Although Charlie’s life began with trauma, he flourished at Luvin Arms for four years, taking care of his flock, representing his species on Sanctuary tours, and foraging in the sunshine. We will miss him dearly. 

Please enjoy some sweet memories below from his caregivers:

“Charlie was such a sweet and gentle boy. He looked up to his big brother, Spike, so much – they were each other’s best friend. He was so curious, especially about our boots! But always super gentle with his pecks to show us his love. I’ll miss him so much, and I know this will be really difficult for his girls, and especially Spike. I love you so much, Charlie – thank you for letting me take care of you.” Madeline Schefke, Animal Care Lead

“He was so curious and goofy, and he loved his flock. He would always sit by the door with Dante, Jonny, and Spike, waiting for any treat to come their way. Every time we would clean his area, he would come up and peck at the bottom of our shoes. He taught everyone in his flock to do this, and now everyone pecks at our boots even though there isn’t anything to eat on them. It’s sweet little things like this that made him so special. We all love that rooster!” – Jolene Wells, Animal Care Manager

“Charlie: such a sweet and curious man. I loved how much he retaliated when being held and getting treatments. He and Spike were especially close. Thank you for everything, Charlie – we will miss you.” Kara Brock, Animal Caregiver

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